Resource List

In many parts of the world, academic books are not readily available in adequate number, and almost everywhere they are very expensive.  Fortunately, the Internet contains many open-access texts created by university professors, nonprofit groups, or governments, with useful information in the sciences, the humanities, and medicine. These books can be downloaded for free by anyone and most of them can be printed out for free. I have compiled a list of some of these sources, as well as links to other resources like the Open Textbook Library and FreeTechBooks. I have also included some links to related educational resources such as educational videos and online courses, as long as they are free of charge.
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Mathematics (see also AIMOnline Textbooks Initiative)



Social Issues

Social Science (see also Social Problems)

Other Directories of Open-access Texts and Textbooks:

Instructional Videos and Online Courses

Also of interest is this recent article about free online instruction programs in Africa. I can’t evaluate the resources in the article, but they may be useful.

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